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Budget & Finance Establishing budget and tracking finances
Young Democrats Engage, recruit, and organize “Under 35” members
FundraisingWork with Central Committee on projects to raise funds
Special Events-   HH Dinner
-   Christmas Party
Parades & Festivals-   Arrange drivers and candy for parades
-   Festivals (Washington Township, County Fair)
-   Arrange set-up, tear down, volunteers, and supplies (decorations, posters, hand-outs)
Boards & CommissionsTrack and report on sign-up deadlines for Towns and County boards and commissions
Legislation-   Track and report on bills in the Statehouse and activities at legislative breakfasts
-   Report redistricting information and developments
-   Maintain contact information for Representatives and Senators (State and Federal)
Voter Registration-   Arrange for registration events & volunteers (including High Schools)
-   Deliver registration paperwork to the Hendricks County (Danville) government center
Communications-    Support Facebook account and postings
-   Website maintenance & posting
-   Facilitate ZOOM
Precinct Committee People-     Recruit PCPs
-   Make recommendations to Chair RE: placements
-   Train new PCPs
-   In 2022, run for PCP

PCP  Review

 -   Investigate PCP issues.  Document and propose resolution to Chair
Membership - Recruitment-   Maintain membership list
-   Update list from sign-in sheets
-   Review daily obituaries, report any deaths to Chair, send sympathy cards
Candidates-   Recruit candidates well in advance of filing periods
-   VAN & VAN Master
-   Track and publicize INDEM & NTDC trainings
-   Be a resource to candidates regarding local rules & suggested vendors